Verified: Just Keep Moving

Verified: Just Keep Moving

Three products to support your workout, and the aftermath.

Workout equipment | LifeSpan Under-Desk Treadmill. The function of a treadmill, but compact and portable. “It really helps with all the sitting we do during meetings, and it’s especially important now that we leave our home less often.” —Tonya Brownlow, executive director, Emma Norton

Green exercise rollerTool | Go Roller
“It has a 3D surface pattern and is meant for soothing sore muscles when you’ve been working out hard. I like to think of it as having a dual purpose—also being a lifesaver when you’ve just been working hard.” —Kathy Tolo, vice president of development, Angel Foundation

exercise belt for your belongingsAccessory | Flip Belt. “Phones keep getting bigger, and as a runner, the bouncing feels clumsy. This holds everything in place—phone, keys, face mask—and gives me confidence my stuff won’t fall out.” —Tyler Copeland, producer, Mono

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