Twins’ TV Ratings Skyrocket

Twins’ TV Ratings Skyrocket

Amid a record-breaking year, the team’s TV ratings in the first half of the 2019 season grew 41 percent year over year, according to Fox Sports North.

The Minnesota Twins have been logging win after win this season, and fans are tuning in.

On Friday, Fox Sports North said the team’s TV ratings in the first half of the 2019 season have soared 41 percent year over year. The Twins also logged a 6.12 average household rating, marking the third-highest viewership of all MLB teams.

What’s more, the team has seen the second highest ratings increase in all of the MLB, according to a news release from Fox Sports North.

The Twins’ games against the Milwaukee Brewers in May marked the greatest viewership for Fox Sports North in years, the network said. More than 186,000 Twin Cities households tuned in for the games between the two regional rivals.

“You have two teams that are regional rivals,” says Twins spokesman Matt Hodson. “That certainly helps, given Fox Sports North’s reach into western Wisconsin.”

Hodson says the ratings boost bodes well for stadium attendance, too.

“Any time you see a rise in TV ratings, the box office is not far behind,” he says. “Right now, we’re seeing those on parallel tracks. … Based on what we came from last year, we’re happy to see this uptick.”

Since May 10, the team has averaged 31,000 attendees at its home games, according to Hodson. That marks a notable increase from the colder months: For the first 16 home openings, the Twins averaged around 17,000 attendees, Hodson says.

To date in 2019, the team has averaged 25,747 attendees. That compares to 24,489 in 2018.

The TV ratings boost comes amid a record-breaking year for the Twins. Earlier this month, the Twins logged 165 home runs, the most of any team before the All-Star break, MPR reported.

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