Twin Cities Ranked Among 15 “Most Aspirational” Cities

The Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area ranked 10th on a recent list of “aspirational” cities based on its economic growth, quality of life, and demographic factors.
Twin Cities Ranked Among 15 “Most Aspirational” Cities

The Twin Cities is among the nation’s best metro areas for attracting ambitious people, offering employment growth, and providing quality living standards, according to a list recently compiled by news and commentary website The Daily Beast.

The Twin Cities ranked 10th on the “Top 15 Aspirational Cities” list, which took into account economic growth, quality of life, and demographic factors in 51 of the largest U.S. cities.

When looking at economic opportunity, The Daily Beast evaluated each city’s per capita income, unemployment rate, and employment growth per capita. To determine which cities have the highest quality of life, the website considered traffic congestion, housing costs, and housing availability. To track demographic trends, The Daily Beast evaluated cities’ domestic migration, growth of the foreign-born population, and the number of college-educated citizens. The website weighted each category (50 percent for economy and 25 percent for both quality of life and demographic factors) to develop its list. (Click here for the list’s full methodology.)

Austin, Texas, came in first on the “Top 15 Aspirational Cities” list, with New Orleans, Louisiana, in second place and Houston in third.

While Minneapolis-St. Paul ranked 10th overall, the Twin Cities also had the third-lowest unemployment rate (5.1 percent), according to The Daily Beast, which pulled data from June. Minneapolis-St. Paul came in just behind Salt Lake City at 4.4 percent and Oklahoma City at 4.6 percent. A recent report showed that Minneapolis actually had the lowest rate among major cities in June.

Click here to see the 15 most “aspirational” cities, as well as the rankings for each of the three categories.

The “aspirational” cities list is the latest accolade for Minneapolis, which was recently named the ninth-most “inventive” city in the world based on its number of patent applications, according to the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development. The city was also ranked third for small-business employee success on a list compiled by credit card research website CardHub. In May, the Twin Cities topped the Annual Fitness Index of healthiest cities in the country for the third year in a row.