TurnSignl Platform Now in All 50 States

TurnSignl Platform Now in All 50 States

The on-demand legal advice platform has expanded its coverage and partnered with a new legal services insurance provider.

Two years after launching in Minneapolis, on-demand legal advice app TurnSignl is now available in all 50 states. The Minneapolis company last week announced its official launch in Delaware, the company’s final state.

For $60 a year, TurnSignl gives drivers access to legal counsel in the case of a car accident or traffic stop. The company provides free services for people who make less than $40,000 a year.

“Now that we have become available nationwide, our goals are shifting,” the company said in a LinkedIn post last week. “Every person in the US can have access to TurnSignl — but we need them to know that we are a resource that is available.”

Within a day of the announcement, another 600 people joined the platform, TurnSignl co-founder and CEO Jazz Hampton told TCB. Launched in 2021, one year after the murder of George Floyd, TurnSignl has now been downloaded around 100,000 times and has tens of thousands of monthly active users.

“We’re seeing people joining in droves now because we’re in places we weren’t before,” Hampton said. “We’re really excited because the more geographical space we can cover, the more people can have it, and we’re happy to be there for those folks.”

While TurnSignl will highlight some attorneys on social media to help them gain visibility for their work, the platform’s attorneys largely work pro bono. Because of this and because every state has different laws, it’s important that TurnSignl have a large number of attorneys to match the need for service, Hampton noted. “If the incentive isn’t always cash for these people, we have to find people who are incentivized by other things. We have to find people who are incentivized by care for their community.”

Hundreds of attorneys now work with the platform. Some are near the end of their careers, including a former Minnesota judge. Some attorneys on the platform have only been practicing for three to five years, but Hampton says. “That’s when they have the fire in their belly,” he adds. “They’re really excited to be here for the people in their moment of need. They’re doing it just because they want to be a resource available to people.”

Eventually, company leadership would like to see the technology built into vehicle and navigation applications.

Meanwhile, TurnSignl also announced a separate partnership that’s likely to significantly expand its user base: This week, the Minneapolis company announced that it’s now providing its on-demand legal services to users of Texas-based legal insurance provider LegalEASE.

Though the companies are not disclosing how many people are added to the platform through the partnership, several Fortune 500 companies and hundreds of smaller companies nationwide are customers of LegalEASE legal plans.

“Through this partnership, we are not just reinforcing our commitment to instant legal accessibility but also taking a monumental step in transforming the very fabric of roadside encounters into one woven with respect, legality, and safety,”  LegalEASE said in a statement to TCB.