The 2013 Black Book

The 2013 Black Book

Finally, we can move forward with our businesses and personal lives, in ways we’ve refrained from doing these past four years because of economic uncertainty here and abroad. As the dust settles from the November elections, with hopes that the “fiscal cliff” can be averted and the European fiscal crisis will subside, 2013 may be the breakthrough year many of us have been waiting for.

For those who want not only to succeed but thrive in the year ahead, we offer up 100 of Twin Cities Business’ most coveted resources in this year’s Black Book. They’re the individuals to know about and, if possible, get to know if you’re seriously pursuing new and more expansive goals in the months ahead. They include the heads of human resources departments actively hiring right now, and individuals who are growing early stage businesses or forming major conglomerates hungry for seasoned leadership talent. Looking for the next great career opportunity? Try networking with these folks.

For others, “personal time” has taken a beating during the last four years, and it’s time to reorientate priorities without taking up too much time figuring out how. Our list of home improvement, clothing and fashion, personal training, and even skin care experts are a quick and easy resource.

We offer a range of other business and community leaders, from the best attorneys and college planners, to the “gatekeepers” who control what you read, hear, and watch about business matters in our local media.

And of course, we provide the list of individuals who epitomize leadership, Twin Cities–style. These captains of industry quietly serve on numerous boards of directors and help finesse major civic projects and economic development initiatives. They also help, if not spearhead, financing efforts for local charities and in some instances, political campaigns, while mentoring who they hope will become the next generation of “influentials.”

All of our Black Book listings are about uniquely interesting, intelligent, and accomplished leaders who are influential not only because of the positions they hold and challenges they have overcome, but because of the networks they connect with and support. They also share an understanding of how important it is to help others succeeed as well. And for the most part, they’re eternal optimists who, like us, see the year ahead as one that promises great opportunity.

The complete Black Book list is available to the right; click the links below to view the list broken down by category.