Target Deploys New “Target Clean” Label, Marking Products Free of Certain Chemicals

Target Deploys New “Target Clean” Label, Marking Products Free of Certain Chemicals

Shoppers will start seeing the label in early spring, as Target strives towards transparency in chemical usage.

With ingredient labels full of terms that practically require a degree in chemistry to understand, it can be difficult to know what you’re buying. In a move to simplify shopping, Target is introducing a new label to identify products made without potentially harmful chemicals such as parabens, aluminum, and artificial sweeteners.

The green, hexagon-shaped “Target Clean” label joins a family of “wellness icons” Target has recently introduced with the goal of helping guests make informed purchasing decisions.

Target shoppers will start seeing the new symbol online in March and in stores in April. Among the main categories of products set to receive the label are household essentials, beauty and personal care, and baby products.

“Our guests are increasingly interested in better-for-you products, and by introducing Target Clean, we’re able to help them identify products that meet their needs and save time,” says Christina Hennington, a Target senior vice president.

Requirements for “Target Clean” designations will depend on the product type. For example, for cleaning products to receive the label, they must be formulated without phthalates, sodium laureth sulfate, propyl-paraben and butyl-paraben.  This effort is part of the “chemical goals” set by Target, which include transparency about chemicals in products, working with partners to implement policies that reduce the use of chemicals, and promoting development of safer alternatives.

Other wellness labels already introduced by Target include gluten-free, organic and non-GMO.