Taco Bell Franchisee Border Foods Unveils Scholarship Winners
Eight employees received scholarships from the company. (Photo courtesy of Border Foods)

Taco Bell Franchisee Border Foods Unveils Scholarship Winners

The company has distributed $31,500 among eight employees in four states.

New Hope-based Taco Bell franchisee Border Foods has announced the winners of its inaugural scholarship program.

The company distributed $31,500 among eight employees in Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. Three employees received $5,500 Carol Williams scholarships, while the remaining five received $3,000 Border Foods awards.

Border Foods created the program in honor of Carol Williams, who served as the company’s longtime vice president of operations. She died last year after a long battle with cancer.

“We’re so grateful to see this scholarship come to fruition,” said Krysta Corrigan, Williams’ daughter. “My mom had a huge heart for her employees. She would be honored and so thankful to know that she had an opportunity to impact their lives outside of Border Foods.”

Employees can use the funds at an accredited educational institution of their choice, according to the company. Border Foods opened applications for the program in spring.

The program was open to employees who worked with the company for at least six months.

Last year, Border Foods earned a Minnesota Family Business award from TCB. The company operates franchised Taco Bell and Au Bon Pain stores in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, South Dakota, and Wyoming.