Sportradar and SportsGrid Launch First Free, 24-hour Betting Network
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Sportradar and SportsGrid Launch First Free, 24-hour Betting Network

The exclusive partnership between the SportRadar, which has offices in Minneapolis, and New York-based Sport Grid will improve statistics insights for fans, as well as bookmakers’ advertising efforts.

Two big players in sports tech—SportRadar, which has its U.S. headquarters in Minneapolis, and sports betting programmer SportsGrid—have teamed up to launch the first-ever free, 24-hour sports betting network.

By combining Sportradar’s ad technology, OTT (over the top, or direct content streaming delivery) technology, and data gathering system with SportsGrid’s original, interactive content, the exclusive partnership will provide fans with comprehensive coverage and analysis of stats and odds across various sports. 

“Sportradar is always looking to enhance the fan experience through the use of data and technology,” says Jason Sukhraj, senior vice president, of US Advertising and OTT for Sportradar. “Collaborating with [SportsGrid] provides us with the platform to mesh our core competencies… and address the increasing demand for information and content geared around sports gaming.”

Sportradar has been steadily enhancing its involvement in the sports betting space for the last few years, specifically since the Switzerland-based company acquired Minneapolis startup SportsData in 2013. This turned Sportradar into a worldwide leading game data supplier. Headquarters are still in Switzerland, but U.S. operations are run out of Minneapolis.

Since that merger, the company has secured exclusive agreements with NASCAR, the NHL, and the NFL. Earlier this year, it added the MLB to the list, landing a multi-year agreement to collect real-time game statistics from every ballpark, and distribute it to media companies and regulated sports betting entities around the globe. 

Sportradar employs more than 2,000 people across 30 locations worldwide, and serves more than 1,000 companies throughout 80 countries.

The SportsGrid partnership not only steps up Sportradar’s contributions on behalf of sports fans and betting enthusiasts, but it also helps the bookmakers and betting-connected brands themselves. 

With the deal’s inclusion of a Sportradar service that provides options for marketing solutions aimed at eliminating waste and streamlining spending, bookmakers and brands will better be able to reach customers through sponsorship of programming and targeted ad spends across video & audio inventory.

“Sportradar’s delivery of a robust video solution ensures our content is placed where fans want to consume it, stamping our foothold as a market leader in the space,” says Louis M. Maione, president of SportsGrid, which launched in 2017 and has a network available on various platforms including Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Xbox, and iHeartRadio. “[It’s] game changing.”

Maione adds that the partnership speaks to the two companies’ vision of “delivering the true convergence of content, data, and gaming to the millions of sports fans craving this informative and entertaining programming.”

Though talks are ongoing to finalize deals with direct-to-consumer platforms, the network has already debuted in a soft launch, with clips available through YouTube streaming and on SportsGrid. And based on feedback from the launch, how the conversations with other platforms are going, and the volume of interested consumers across the country, SportsGrid spokesperson Charles Theiss says he expects in the next 12-24 months, the SportsGrid-Sportradar network will “have very strong growth.” 

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