Social Network: Jennifer Zick
Jennifer Zick, CEO of Minneapolis-based Authentic Brand

Social Network: Jennifer Zick

The CEO of Authentic Brand on using social platforms to grow her business.

Jennifer Zick’s LinkedIn posts read like a how-to on work-life integration. She leads with marketing expertise as the CEO of Minneapolis-based Authentic Brand, a firm that provides fractional chief marketing officer services, but says, “I have been intentional about sharing my full self on this business platform, and that has led to a rich network of meaningful relationships, which has translated to measurable growth for my business.”

LinkedIn | @jennieblumenthal

“I met Jennie when we worked for PwC. She left the corporate world to transform her life and work to focus on helping business leaders ditch the hustle culture and thrive. I follow to be reminded of my own ‘why’ as a female founder.”

Facebook | Teenager Pro Tips

“There is no other social page that makes me feel more seen as a mother of teenagers. Because seriously, why are there spicy Cheetos in the shower? The content is too accurate and the copywriting ingenious.”

YouTube | Yoga with Adriene
“Adriene [Mishler] helped me breathe through running a business in a pandemic and schooling three kids at home, while also working through some personal trauma recovery.”

Instagram | @chrisbeatcancer
“I’m a 10-year-plus ovarian cancer survivor with thyroid disease and middle-age female hormones. I gain a new appreciation from Chris [Wark] for the healing properties of food.”

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