Sleep Number Rings Nasdaq Bell, Launches Youth Sleep Initiative
Sleep Number leadership with some of the first youths the company hopes to help through its new initiative, announced at a recent NYC event. (Photo courtesy of Sleep Number).

Sleep Number Rings Nasdaq Bell, Launches Youth Sleep Initiative

Using the Nasdaq ceremony as a platform, the growing Minneapolis-based mattress company announced on Monday an effort to improve the sleep of one million youth by 2025.

Mattress company Sleep Number on Monday not only kicked off Wall Street’s day by ringing the opening bell at the Nasdaq exchange, but also launched a social impact initiative intended to bring more z’s to the kids.

Specifically, Sleep Number’s campaign aims to improve the overall well-being of one million youth through better sleep by 2025.

“Sleep Number’s mission is to improve lives by individualizing sleep experiences,” said Shelly Ibach, president and CEO of Sleep Number, in prepared remarks. “We are excited to help over one million young people achieve life-changing sleep through our products and sleep expertise.”

The goal is being addressed through three strategies: research and data, meaning Sleep Number will study youth sleep habits to determine what fosters optimal sleep; training and advocacy, for which the sleep technology company will partner with youth, parents, educators and organizations focused on youth well-being; and product donations.

At the Tuesday event, former New York Giants football star Victor Cruz is surprising a Boys & Girls Club youth group at Minneapolis-based Sleep Number’s Manhattan store, located at 136 5th Avenue in the Flatiron district. With Cruz present, the youth group will learn about the importance of sleep as it relates to wellness and its impact on performance in school, extracurriculars or general life, and the teens will then be gifted with a Sleep Number bed of their own.

For future efforts, Sleep Number is bringing a sleep-focused element to exercise, nutrition and other programs through partnerships with GENYouth, Alliance for a Healthier Generation, and Good360, among other national nonprofit organizations.

“Together with Sleep Number, we can now help students achieve better quality sleep, which, as research has shown, positively impacts their overall health, well-being, and academic achievement,” said Howell Wechsler, Healthier Generation’s chief executive officer, in a statement.

GENYOUth will work with Sleep Number in the research aspect, as GENYOUth CEO Alexis Glick noted they’ll look to “gain insights into any barriers that could impact [teen’s] achievement of a healthy sleep regimen.”

Meanwhile, Good360 and Sleep Number will build on a donation-based partnership already created when, according to Good360 CEO Howard Sherman, the companies teamed up to donate one million dollars’ worth of Sleep Number beds and bedding to Hurricane Harvey victims.

The Nadaq bell-ringing honor and simultaneous announcement of the new initiative come less than a month after Sleep Number opened its Manhattan store. The site boasts a new mattress store concept, featuring interactive technology in a loft-like atmosphere.

Visitors can check out a large digital map illuminating how neighborhoods across New York are sleeping, experiment with a mix-and-match bedding design lab, and test out Sleep Number’s new 360 smart bed which incorporates the company’s signature sleep tracking and biometric technology for optimal mattress customization.

A section of Sleep Number's new store in Manhattan. (Photo courtesy of Sleep Number)

The new store is part of a plan to up Sleep Number’s store count of around 560 to about 585 nationwide by the end of this year – with other new sites following the same concept.  

While the stores target all customers, the new initiative targets youth in particular.

“Excellent sleep is essential to a healthier and happier society, strengthening our connections with one another,” said Ibach. “We believe helping future generations achieve quality sleep can and will change the world.”