Shutdown End in Sight? Dayton Proposes Solution

On Thursday, Governor Mark Dayton said he would accept Republicans' budget proposal from June 30-with some conditions to which they must agree-in order to end the state shutdown.

Two weeks into the state's shutdown, Governor Mark Dayton announced Thursday that he will accept the Republican leaders' budget proposal from June 30, but only if they agree to some conditions.

The June 30 deal proposes bridging the $1.4 billion budget gap by delaying school payments and issuing state bonds against future tobacco revenues, each of which will bring in about $700 million, according to Dayton.

Dayton said he would only accept the proposal if the Republicans did the following: drop certain proposed policy changes-which includes policy reform proposals in areas like K-12 education, vouchers, and labor-rights restrictions, the Pioneer Press reported-drop a proposal to cut 15 percent of the state's work force, and support the passage of a $500 million bonding bill.

In his letter, Dayton said that he was “reluctantly” agreeing to the proposal.

“Despite my serious reservations about your plan, I have concluded that continuing the state government shutdown would be even more destructive for too many Minnesotans,” Dayton wrote. “Therefore I am willing to agree to something I do not agree with-your proposal-in order to spare our citizens and our state from further damage.”

According to the Star Tribune, Republican leaders were scheduled to meet with Dayton Thursday afternoon at 2 p.m. to discuss the offer.

If Dayton's proposal is accepted by Republican leaders, a special session will be called and could happen within three days, Dayton wrote.

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