ShopHQ Introduces Loyalty VIP Program
(Photo is a screenshot of an online ShopHQ live video feed)

ShopHQ Introduces Loyalty VIP Program

The program comes less than a year after the company rebranded amid significant revenue declines.

In May, the company known for the last four years as Evine rebranded as ShopHQ amid a troubling first quarter. Less than six months later, ShopHQ appears to be looking to attract new customers and re-engage existing ones with a new loyalty program.

Known as ShopHQ VIP, the program offers free shipping for purchases and returns on ShopHQ. Customers pay $16.95 a month to participate in the program, which also offers discounts, 5 percent cash back on ShopHQ purchases, and eligibility for cash back and shipping benefits for some external retailers.

ShopHQ VIP will be operated within a platform created through a partnership between loyalty programs provider Clarus Commerce and Minneapolis-based ShopHQ parent company iMedia Brands.

“This loyalty program is an important illustration of the type of meaningful value catalysts we are creating for our customers and shareholders,” said iMedia Brands CEO Tim Peterman in a statement. “Day-by-day, our employees, our vendors, and partners like Clarus are building the kind of platform we believe customers will love to shop with.”

The ShopHQ VIP program is the first new offering from ShopHQ—iMedia’s signature company—since the rebrand.

The Minneapolis-based shopping network has gone through a slew of other changes within recent history. In the span of nine months, the company hired Anne Martin-Vachon as new president, launched a Los Angeles product development division and studio, landed a partnership with Jane Fonda, then saw Martin-Vachon resign, closed the L.A. office, and lost the deal with Fonda.

In January, ShopHQ was told by Nasdaq that it had 180 days to improve its trading results before being delisted. The company also found a savior investor in Invicta Watch Group. Peterman rejoined the company as CEO the same time as Invicta Watch Group agreed to invest $6 million into the network.