Report: MN Ranks in Top 10 for Nurse Salaries, Cost of Living Balance
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Report: MN Ranks in Top 10 for Nurse Salaries, Cost of Living Balance

California, despite its high cost of living, took the top spot on the list.

Minnesota ranks among the best states for nurses looking to earn a good salary while maintaining a reasonable cost of living, a study found.
Research conducted by career site found registered nurses in the Land of 10,000 Lakes had the 10th best balance in the nation between average pay and the cost for housing, food, taxes and health care, among other basic expenses.
Average hourly pay for registered nurses in Minnesota came out to $35.80 an hour—or an annual salary of $72,310—placing it behind 13 states and the District of Columbia. But the state’s relatively low cost of living bumped it up in the rankings. California, the only state where nurses on average earn a six-figure salary (approximately $101,260), topped the list.
Finishing out the top 10 in order were Nevada, Alaska, Oregon, Massachusetts, Washington, New Jersey, Texas and Arizona. The full list can be viewed here.
Notably, Minnesota ranked highest among states in the Midwest. Illinois was the next closest in 12th place, followed by Wisconsin in 19th. Iowa and the Dakotas took the last three spots on the list.
In assembling the list, the Bellevue, Washington-based website said it hopes it can help “the estimated 2.7 million working nurses in the U.S. work where they want to without sacrificing quality of life.”