‘Prohibition Has Not Worked:’ Minnesota Officially Legalizes Marijuana
Gov. Tim Walz on May 30 signed the recreational cannabis bill into law. Photo by Caitlin Abrams

‘Prohibition Has Not Worked:’ Minnesota Officially Legalizes Marijuana

Gov. Tim Walz on Tuesday signed a bill making Minnesota the 23rd state to legalize adult-use recreational marijuana.

It’s official. Adult-use recreational marijuana has been signed into law in Minnesota.

After promising he would, Gov. Tim Walz has signed the bill, which was passed by the state House and Senate after dozens of committee meetings, numerous amendments, and a conference committee reconciliation between the two chamber’s versions.

Walz’s stamp of approval on the bill does not mean marijuana will be immediately available to purchase. It will likely be at least a year before marijuana can be sold. However, things like possession, growing, and the use of marijuana will be legal effective Aug. 1.

“Prohibition has not worked,” Walz said at the bill’s signing. “We need to put things in place that are safe and…we’re trying to make sure there is a regulatory regime in place, there are processes put in place, there’s the ability for adults to make those decisions without criminalizing them.”

The governor said he would be remiss not to give credit to former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura for his attempt to legalize marijuana in the state during his term 20 years ago.

The former governor spoke at the signing, as well. Ventura said the day marked the fruition of a dream he’s had for decades.

“What press conference would it be if Jesse Ventura didn’t leave with something said controversial, right? So, I’ll end it by saying this, Jimi Hendrix is looking down on Minnesota and smiling,” Ventura said.

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