Pops! Diabetes Care Raises $1.2M In Latest Funding Round

Using the newly acquired funds, the Stillwater startup will introduce its flagship product to the FDA for approval.

Stillwater-based Pops! Diabetes Care closed a successful funding round on Friday, raising over $1.2 million from 15 investors.
It was the digital health company’s second financing round after raising $500,000 last February. Altogether, Pops! Diabetes Care has raised nearly $1.75 million in financial support.
TreeHouse Health, a health care startup incubator, was one of the first to back Pops! Diabetes Care. The Minneapolis-based firm led the company’s $500,000 debt financing round.
Pops! Diabetes Care makes blood glucose meter that attaches to a smartphone, allowing a patient to monitor their blood sugar level via the company’s smartphone app. The results of the tests can then be shared with family members and health care providers.
The company’s SEC filing notes its most recent fundraising round began September 28 when it received its first investment. The newly acquired funds will go toward obtaining approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for its glucose testing device.
If the company’s flagship product receives FDA approval, Pops! Diabetes Care would be poised to tap into the $11 billion glucose-testing market.
More than 400 million people with diabetes in the world today, and 75 percent of diabetes care costs come from complications related to poor glucose control, Pops said.
“Too many people are struggling to manage their diabetes with traditional tools,” CEO Lonny Stormo said in reference to the older, bulkier glucose monitoring systems that many diabetics still use today. “Our solution provides a new consumer experience for people like myself, who are striving daily to achieve our diabetes management goals.”