Office Envy: International Dairy Queen
The test kitchen has plenty of light and space. Its first floor location next to a multipurpose room helps optimize work done with deliveries, product creation and storage, and—of course—taste testing.

Office Envy: International Dairy Queen

Company: International Dairy Queen
Headquarters: Bloomington
Size: 53,000 square feet
Designer: HGA Architects

Two goals fueled the design of Dairy Queen’s new headquarters in Bloomington: collaboration and ice cream experimentation. The test kitchen is central to the first floor. Architects and product developers gave extensive thought to workflow, and it shows. DQ employees can go from one-on-one meetings in restaurant-style booths to walk-and-talks in the treadmill meeting room to deep concentration in quiet spaces to happenstance encounters in the plaza room with the soda dispenser. The colors throughout the office promote the brand, says David Wheeler, Dairy Queen’s executive vice president of human resources, while DQ’s signature swirl is used as a design element. “When you walk through this space, you know you’re in DQ’s corporate headquarters,” Wheeler says. “In our previous office, you didn’t always necessarily know that.”

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