New Co. Finds the Right Realtor for Home Buyers, Sellers

Wayzata-based HomeVisor, which launched earlier this month, helps home buyers and sellers find their ideal Realtor.

Wayzata-based HomeVisor-which launched February 11-offers a service that helps home buyers and sellers to find Realtors best suited to their needs and preferences. HomeVisor takes 30 percent of the Realtor's commission, but the service is free for those buying or selling a home.

Anyone looking to buy or sell a house can go to and fill out an online form. A HomeVisor employee then calls the buyer or seller to discuss specific real estate needs, including location, type and value of property, importance of school districts, and even preferences for qualities in an agent's personality.

HomeVisor analyzes market data and real estate sales reports to narrow its search to a handful of real estate brokerage firms that are in the same town as the client. It then reaches out to brokerage firms and interviews potential agents before selecting the Realtor.

“As a Realtor, I saw firsthand the successes and failures of real estate transactions, and it was shocking to me how many people were working with an agent who was not a good fit for them,” HomeVisor Founder Brett Doshan said in a statement. “I founded HomeVisor with the simple goal of making sure that all of our clients get paired with the right Realtor so they can have a less stressful and more successful transaction.”

HomeVisor offers its services to residents nationwide. The company said that it does not allow Realtors to sign up for referrals and claims that its pairings are made based on its unbiased research.