New Brighton Trucking Firm LME Abruptly Closes

New Brighton Trucking Firm LME Abruptly Closes

The closure reportedly leaves hundreds without work.

New Brighton trucking company LME Inc. has unexpectedly closed its doors.

A July 12 statement on the company’s website says LME will “no longer be making pickups or delivers of freight due to unforeseen circumstances.”

LME plans to work with an alternative carrier to help deliver remaining freight.

The closure leaves hundreds without a job, the Star Tribune reported last week. Some workers also haven’t received their paychecks, according to the paper.

The Strib says LME operated 30 delivery terminals in several states.

In a July 14 note to employees, LME said it must pay all monies owed to its lender before paying employees. The company expects the process to take at least 90 days.

“Unfortunately, our lender is in control of all finances,” the company said.

The trucking firm carried a range of cargoes, including metals, building materials, agricultural supplies, and chemicals, according to a company snapshot on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s website.

The company also counted more than 400 drivers among its employers, according to the snapshot.