MOM Brands Repurposes Iconic Pepsi Slogan for Cereal Ad

The Minneapolis-based cereal company has bought the rights to the "choice of a new generation" tagline, which it will use in a video advertisement for its Better Oats line of instant oatmeal.

For most, the iconic tagline “choice of a new generation” typically conjures memories of Michael Jackson drinking a Pepsi.

But going forward, the phrase will be used to market oatmeal.

Minneapolis-based MOM Brands-which recently changed its name from Malt-O-Meal Company-said Wednesday that it has bought the rights to the slogan and will feature it in a new online ad campaign for its Better Oats instant oatmeal brand.

The campaign features a three-minute video on the company's Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages. MOM Brands will also run the ad on websites including Hulu, MTV, Comedy Central, and The Onion.

The video features a man in his pajamas singing about the “23-flavor celebration” of Better Oats, which includes 23 oatmeal varieties. See the ad below:

MOM Brands claims that its new campaign is an inexpensive alternative to costly ads like Pepsi's Michael Jackson spot, although it didn't disclose the cost of acquiring the rights to the tagline. The video ad was created by Josh Anderson, an amateur filmmaker who submitted it through a video crowdsourcing website.

“We're launching this campaign without a fancy ad agency, celebrity spokesperson, or big advertising budget,” Corporate Communications Manager Linda Fisher said in a statement.

According to Fisher, “choice of a new generation” is a good fit because the Better Oats brand is attracting “new, younger, and more affluent consumers” to the instant oatmeal market.

MOM Brands said that Pepsi let its trademark on the tagline expire in 2006, and MOM Brands applied for registration of the mark in 2009. Pepsi owns Quaker Oats, Better Oats' primary competitor.