Minnesota Family Business Awards 2021

Honoring companies where success is all relative.
Minnesota Family Business Awards 2021

There’s no leaving work at the office—virtual or otherwise—when you’re running a family business. It’s in the blood of our 2021 Minnesota Family Business Award winners, who feel the pride—and weight—of carrying on what their parents and grandparents built. This year’s honorees come from industries as varied as asphalt paving, banking, and food manufacturing, but they all share a respect for legacy that motivates them to not only maintain but also grow their respective companies. We share the stories and strategies of how they’re building on tradition and planning for the future. 

In addition to five winners and five finalists, Twin Cities Business is recognizing Barbara Hauser with the Hubler Award, given each year to a person who has made exceptional contributions to the betterment of Minnesota family businesses.

The honorees of the 2021 Minnesota Family Business Awards were evaluated on their management, governance, organizational structure, transition plan, success, and other key factors. Our selection committee included Tom Hubler, owner, Hubler for Business Families; Jessica Manivasager, shareholder, Fredrikson & Byron; Paddy McNeely, chairman and CEO, Meritex Enterprises; Jon Keimig, Family Business Center director, University of St. Thomas; Allison Kaplan, editor in chief, Twin Cities Business; and Shelly Elmore, publisher, Twin Cities Business.


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