Minneapolis Gives Leg Up To Small Businesses Seeking City Contracts

The new program will help small business compete against more established companies.

The City of Minneapolis is rolling out a program that gives small businesses a better chance of landing a contract with the city.
Starting January 1, the Target Market Program will give priority to small businesses for contracts under $100,000 when at least three qualified small businesses are “available,” according to a release put out by the city. The program doesn’t give priority on the basis of race or gender.
Businesses that are interested in the program need to sign up with the Office of Procurement and meet several requirements. The organization must be a for-profit business that is independently owned and primarily doing business in the 13-county metro area. There’s also a sales cap based on industry, which ranges from a low of $3 million for retail and service operations to $10 million for construction companies.
“Small businesses are an integral part of our local economy,” the city wrote. “The Target Market Program is a great way [for a business] to get [their] foot in the door” of doing business with the city.
More information on the program can be found here.