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Believe It or Not

Breathe Laser Therapy claims to have a better way to help smokers kick the habit. CEO Rick Diamond intends a national rollout. All that stands in the way is a little credibility issue and a

Irwin Jacobs Gets Back in the Boat

Shaken by a Genmar bankruptcy that he didn’t see coming, he’s determined to rebuild his boat business. No, he doesn’t expect an industry turnaround, but Jacobs says he’ll be profitable regardless.

The Fallon Diaspora

Fallon has been creative in more ways than one. Besides award-winning advertising, it also has spawned several new agencies that are small, but garnering national attention—in part, by doing “advertising” in nontraditional ways.


No Primary Color

Moving the gubernatorial primaries up into August makes them even less compelling.

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Transom (3)

Landfill redevelopment is usually limited to parks and open space—things that won’t breach the surface, explains Cathy Moeger of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Digging for construction would cause the release of the greenhouse gas


Minneapolitan Christa Tiefenbacher-Hudson is one of five honorary German consuls in the U.S.