Is A Sunday Sales Repeal Coming Soon?

Speaker Daudt said there seems to be enough support to end the blue law this upcoming session.

Is Minnesota finally poised to repeal its ban on Sunday off-sales liquor? Maybe.
The Star Tribune writes that Speaker of the House Kurt Daudt (R-Crown) told reporters on Monday that the issue will almost certainly show up in a bill this year and seems to have support from the majority of his colleagues.
“I think it’s past time,” Daudt said. “If a liquor store doesn’t want to be open on Sunday, they don’t have to.”
The move to repeal the blue law might finally have legs as several long-time opponents in the legislature have softened their stances, and a return to a unified legislature with both chambers controlled by the GOP.
“I’ve been ‘no’ on Sunday sales, but I want to see what the caucus thinks on that,” incoming Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka (R-Nisswa) told the Star Tribune. “Stay tuned.”
Gov. Mark Dayton has previously indicated that he would sign a repeal into law.