Great Clips Survey Sheds Light on Sex, Not Salons

A Great Clips survey asked people how they would use 15 minutes of extra time, and the responses seem to highlight sex and sleep more than serve to market a salon chain.

A recent survey commissioned by Great Clips reportedly asked people how they would take advantage of 15 extra minutes of time-which would presumably be gained by using the company's online check-in service to reduce wait times.

But it seems the survey responses and the subsequent marketing effort have more to do with sex and sleep than with cutting hair.

According to a report by the Star Tribune, the survey found that nearly one in four women who responded to the survey chose sleep as their top choice for how they would spend an extra 15 minutes. The other top picks were cleaning, reading, watching TV, and exercising.

Men, meanwhile, selected having sex as their top choice. In fact, 28 percent of men respondents ranked it number one. The other top choices were sleeping; listening to music; exercising; and sitting there and doing nothing, with no disturbances, the Star Tribune reported.

So what did the survey have to do with marketing a salon chain? Edina-based Great Clips provided the Star Tribune with the following explanation: “Fifteen minutes is important to Great Clips because online check-in has trimmed average haircut wait times by 15 minutes to five minutes or less, giving customers 15 more minutes of time in a day.”

A PR professional pitching the survey told the Minneapolis newspaper that the survey offers “a hysterical look at how we value those precious minutes in a day when we actually have free time.”