Essence One Beauty Brand Rushes Hand Sanitizer Into Production

Essence One Beauty Brand Rushes Hand Sanitizer Into Production

Despite a shortage of 2-ounce spray bottles, the Minneapolis-based company is working to fill orders by March 25

It won’t alleviate the Costco checkout delays, but Minneapolis beauty company Essence One decided to combat coronavirus by rushing a hand sanitizer into production. Online pre-sales run through March 20 and if the first batch isn’t completely sold out, it should be available for purchase by March 25.

“I’ve been making hand sanitizer for our family for years,” said Lauren VanScoy, founder of Essence One, which specializes in natural beauty products, including aromatherapy, moisturizers and aluminum/paraben free deodorant, all made in Minnesota. Launched at Twin Cities pop-up markets in 2016, Essence One is now sold at Crate & Barrel stores nationwide and dozens of specialty shops throughout the country including Six for Good, a Rosedale Center store that VanScoy started in partnership with other local, women-owned brands.

With growing concerns about the spread of the highly contagious COVID-19 and the Centers for Disease Control urging more frequent hand washing, VanScoy said friends and customers who knew about her home hand sanitizer recipe ramped up requests. “I was getting daily requests to make it available for purchase.”

It hasn’t been easy to get the necessary supplies. “My suppliers have said the demand for 2-ounce bottles with spray tops has been unprecedented,” Van Scoy said. “One of my bottle suppliers has notified me the bottles I secured are on backorder. I’ve had two large orders of Aloe Vera cancelled. It’s been a crazy adventure, but we are just trying to get it to our customers that have requested it.”

VanScoy is altering her original formula to increase her sanitizer’s alcohol content to 70 percent, per CDC recommendations. True to the brand, the Essence One sanitizer spray includes 190-proof grain alcohol, Aloe Vera, essential oils and Vitamin E. It comes in three scents: Lavender, Morning Calm—a mint and patchouli blend, and Energy—a citrus blend. It sells for $12, or three bottles for $32.

“We didn’t raise the price to capitalize on the situation,” VanScoy said. “It’s definitely a fair price based on what it costs us to make it—we hand make everything.”

VanScoy said her wholesale accounts want to carry the sanitizer spray, but she plans to meet direct orders first. Pre-order at

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