Eco-Retailer Moss Envy to Move, Focus on the Bedroom
Photo courtesy of Moss Envy

Eco-Retailer Moss Envy to Move, Focus on the Bedroom

The 13-year-old local shop is moving from Excelsior Boulevard to Northeast Minneapolis and narrowing its assortment. But first, a big sale.

Eco-conscious gift and home retailer Moss Envy is moving to a new Minneapolis location and narrowing its focus to the bedroom.

The introduction of organic mattresses was a turning point for the store, and it’s a category that has continued to gain momentum, even with more competition in the field from startups like Casper and tech advances from Sleep Number. 

“Our special niche is a little less special today, which is why we have to keep our eye on what’s happening in the market,” says Tina North, who co-owns Moss Envy with her husband Ryan. “What you still can’t get everywhere today is a mattress that doesn’t have junk in it.”

The Moss Envy customer is focused on healthy alternatives to synthetic fabrics and foam as well as chemical fire retardants, the Norths say. Most Moss Envy mattresses, which start at $649 ($259 for a non-toxic crib mattress), are Global Organic Textile Standard certified. 

Moss Envy’s new, smaller location will be on Johnson Street in Northeast Minneapolis. In addition to mattresses, the new shop will feature bedroom furnishings and accessories. The company is updating its tagline from “Eco Home and Life” to “Natural and Organic Bedroom.” 

A sale is underway at Moss Envy’s current Excelsior Boulevard location (near Whole Foods), which will be open through July 24. Gifts, jewelry, toys, kitchen goods, and décor all must go—remnants of the store’s earliest days as ReGifts. The Norths opened their first iteration in 2006.

“When we first opened, green was a new way to shop,” Ryan North says. “Customers wanted more than gifts, so we became Twin Cities Green and added things like shampoo and cleaning supplies.”  

The company morphed again to Moss Envy and has been in its current spot at 3056 Excelsior Blvd. for nine years. Moss Envy will re-open in August at 1900 Johnson St. N.E.