Dunn Brothers Coffee Former Co-Owner Opens Tea Drink Shop
Jinx Tea is opening at 45th and France Avenue South in Minneapolis.

Dunn Brothers Coffee Former Co-Owner Opens Tea Drink Shop

Following its success as a food truck, Jinx Tea introduces first location in Linden Hills with a focus on crafted drinks and "clean" ingredients.

If coffee isn’t your cup of tea, there’s a new shop opening in Linden Hills that might be. 

From the former co-owner/co-CEO of Dunn Brothers Coffee, Chris Eilers, comes Jinx Tea, specializing crafted tea drinks.  Jinx is set to open its first brick and mortar shop Thursday at 4503 France Ave. S. in Minneapolis following its success as a food truck launched last year. 

Eilers and his wife Jennifer Wills, who describes herself as “tea-obsessed and health-conscious,” teamed up with “drinksmith” Nate Uri, owner and crafter of Minneapolis-based Prohibition Kombucha, to create a menu full of bubble, classic, and non-alcoholic cocktail-inspired teas, served hot or cold, fizzy or still. Flavors range from simple chamomile to “Mojito,” made with Qilan oolong tea, fresh mint, and lime. 

Jinx Tea uses hand-picked, pesticide-free tea from small, independent family farmers in China, sourced by local partner Verdant Tea. According to Eilers and Wills, Jinx Tea’s drinks are made with clean ingredients and less sugar. All tea is cold-brewed, kegged, and served on tap.  

The initial idea for a casual, clean tea shop was born after Wills was diagnosed with Lyme disease more than ten years ago. 

“Cold and hot teas were about the only thing I was able to drink because I had to cut out a lot of things from my diet,” Wills says. “I was desperate to find tasty tea drinks with clean enough ingredients, that weren’t full of sugar, or that weren’t only available in intimidating ‘serious’ tea shops.” 

So after Eilers sold his share of Dunn Brothers Coffee in 2017, the couple started doing their research and discovered what they felt was a gap in the Twin Cities market. 

They tested their concept with a food truck, spearheaded by Chris’ son Sam, and its success is the foundation for the new drink shop designed by Shea Design. 

Jinx will offer select buy-one-get-one specials during its grand opening, Thursday through Sunday.