Delta, 8thBridge Debut Facebook App for Group Travel

The new "Delta Away We Go" app allows Facebook users to plan a trip, invite their friends, discuss details, and purchase plane tickets without ever leaving the social-networking site.

Minneapolis-based 8thBridge, Inc., on Tuesday unveiled a new app called “Delta Away We Go,” which allows people to plan and book a group trip-all within Facebook.

8thBridge partnered with Atlanta-based Delta Airlines, Inc., to develop the app, which users access within Facebook. A user inserts information regarding a planned trip and then selects which of his or her Facebook friends to invite. Those friends can RSVP and use a chat function to discuss plans, among other options. The app also includes maps, suggested activities at trip destinations, an “RSVP tracker” to view who among the invitees has purchased plane tickets, and a calendar that indicates how many days remain until the trip begins.

The Delta Away We Go app marks an extended collaboration between the airline and 8thBridge. The two partnered in August 2010 to launch “Ticket Counter,” an in-Facebook app that allows users to book Delta flights without leaving the social-networking site. Delta Away We Go uses Ticket Counter to allow groups to buy plane tickets once they've planned their trip.

Since the launch of Ticket Counter, 8thBridge helped add features to the app, which now allows Facebook users to view their SkyMiles account balance, check in for their flight, check their flight status, and view their itineraries without leaving Facebook.

“We are thrilled to launch another application for a travel company that shares our vision for reshaping e-commerce around people,” Wade Gerten, CEO and founder of 8thBridge, said in a statement.

Click here to read 8thBridge's announcement, which includes screenshots of the new app.

8thBridge, formerly known as Alvenda, was named the grand-prize winner in the 2009 Minnesota Cup competition. To learn more about the firm's leader, read Twin Cities Business' April feature story, “The Innovatives.”


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