Calyxt Debuts First Commercial Product

Calyxt Debuts First Commercial Product

The bio-tech company has launched a high oleic soybean cooking oil on its new online store.

Roseville-based Calyxt on Thursday introduced its first commercial product Calyno via its new e-commerce website.

The plant-based biological technology startup says it uses a gene editing platform from the University of Minnesota to develop healthier foods. The soybeans are also grown by local farmers, said Calyxt CEO Jim Blome.

With people staying home and spending more time experimenting in their kitchens, Blome said it’s a good time to launch a new cooking product.

“It’s really about expanding our horizons as the restaurants are closed and we try new things,” he said. “We just really think it’s a neat way to support local farmers, put a healthy product in the marketplace, and go direct to consumer.”

The company’s new online store makes the cooking oil available for purchase in gallon containers for $39.99.

Larger quantities of the oil are being sold through distributors like Sysco and US Foods.

Blome says he’s looking for people to share feedback, pictures, and recipes as they try out the oil.

“We use it in frying, of course, but also in baking or as an ingredient in sauces,” Blome said.

Calyxt leaders aren’t concerned about the pandemic’s impact on the launch.

“We’re looking at bringing more products that are healthier and have this wellness or sustainability slant to them,” Blome added.

Calyxt made the list of innovations and innovators on TCB‘s Tech 20 for 2020.