Bestsellers: Pickleball Paddles

Bestsellers: Pickleball Paddles

Pickleball aficionados give a big boost to Michael Lynne's Tennis Shop in St. Louis Park. Here are the top paddles they're picking.

Nearly five million people are now playing pickleball, according to USA Pickleball. The association for the sport that’s not just for seniors anymore counts Minnesota among the states experiencing rapid growth. Michael Lynne’s Tennis Shop in St. Louis Park bills itself as the largest independent racquet shop in the Upper Midwest. An increasing portion of its 40-foot-long racquet wall is taken up by pickleball paddles. Here’s what’s selling.

Z5 by Onix, $89 Good for beginners as well as tournament players, this graphite paddle comes in two designs and multiple colors.

Tempest Wave II by Paddletek, $129 Best for advanced players, the carbon fiber surface offers excellent control.

Amped Collection  by Selkirk, $150–$200 The fiberglass surface packs more power, while a graphite version can help with control.

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