Best In Business, Beyond Print

Best In Business, Beyond Print

TCB is much more than a magazine.

While we pride ourselves on the journalism excellence awards Twin Cities Business wins each year, we’re also proud of the market-leading events we produce. Every month, a team of individuals is working behind the scenes, developing panel discussions that provide rich, lively, timely content and awards programs that honor the best of the best—those who truly deserve recognition.

Each event means more than a dozen hours of our painstaking process—selecting our panelists and our honorees, the latter usually vetted by third-party judges. Then we visit with our panelists ahead of time so they’re thoroughly prepared for the specifics of the event, and we interview our honorees to profile them in the magazine. Of course, all of this starts with you, our readers. To those of you who have provided suggestions for panelists or nominated someone for an award, thank you—I hope you’ll do so again. For everyone else, please take a moment to consider a few of our upcoming events, and let me know of anyone you would like to nominate for:

Marvelous Mentors

Successful leaders often talk about the importance of great mentors, but rarely do we hear who these mentors are. Help us identify five such individuals, who we’ll profile in the August Twin Cities Business and celebrate at an awards program later that month. Mentees are encouraged to nominate their mentors. Last year’s honorees were Mark Cohn, Charles Denny Jr., Don Devine, Esperanza Guerrero-Anderson and Joan Thompson.

Outstanding Directors

Every successful business owner knows the value of a key board member to an organization’s performance. The October article and corresponding awards dinner recognizes individuals who led changes for the better in the organizations they serve. They also consistently demonstrated integrity and high ethical standards, as well as an ability to communicate candidly, constructively and courageously. Last year’s honorees were Michael Dolan, Janel Haugarth, Lois Martin, Dennis Monroe and Wheelock Whitney.

Minnesota Family Business Awards

In November, we honor five outstanding family-owned businesses and the value they add to Minnesota’s economy and quality of life. They are businesses with strong records of success, family involvement, community service and philanthropy, multigenerational culture and effective family business structure. Our honorees for 2015 were Cemstone, IDC-Automatic Garage Door, Industrial Lubricant, Latitude and Mary T. Inc.

Small Business Success Stories

Do you know a few fascinating small businesses? From the unique and fast-growing to those that have overcome unusual challenges, we want to know about them. Nominated businesses must have annual revenue of $5 million to $20 million. Ten companies are honored each January; among those recognized this year were Field Nation, Kane Transport, Premier Marine and Schneiderman’s Furniture.

Wonder Women (Women’s Leadership Awards)

TCB recognizes businesswomen not only for their own achievements, but also for serving and often steering organizations and supporting causes that improve Minnesota’s culture and economy. At the same time, these winners have helped others pursue their own goals and aspirations, thus helping to create a new generation of leaders. This year’s honorees were Kate Kelly, Jill Lloyd, Kim Nelson, Susan Park Rani and Dee Thibodeau.

Minnesota is lucky to have a wealth of top business talent, equal to or exceeding that of more populous, higher-profile states. Help us as we continue to shine a light on the outstanding people and companies in our midst.

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