Best Buy Temporarily Shutters Stores, Pivots to Curbside Pickup
(Photo courtesy of Best Buy)

Best Buy Temporarily Shutters Stores, Pivots to Curbside Pickup

As the pandemic deepens, the electronics retailer has prohibited customers from entering its stores.

Best Buy is no longer allowing customers into its stores and is instead offering contactless curbside pickup, the company announced Sunday.

The electronics retailer is allowing customers to either order online or to shop from their car while an employee goes into the store to retrieve items. The company has also suspended installations, haul-aways, and repairs for things like freezers, refrigerators, washers, dryers, and televisions and will not deliver those large items into homes, but will instead do doorstep deliveries.

“This means we will take the item as close as we possibly can to the front door of your home without bringing it inside,” the company said in a statement. “We know that this change will be inconvenient, and we are truly sorry. It was made with our employees’ and your best interests at heart.”

The new restrictions in response to Covid-19 follow a reduction in hours announced last week.

“Right now, our role as a consumer electronics retailer is rapidly shifting and we are striving to make the best decisions with two goals in mind: The first is to protect our customers, employees and their families,” Best Buy CEO Corie Barry said in a statement late last week. “The second is to do the best we can to serve the millions of Americans who are looking to us for increasingly vital technology tools to stay connected, as well as household necessities.”

Although the governor has ordered the closure of bars, restaurants, gyms, and several other public gathering spots, there hasn’t yet been clear instructions for retailers.