Best Buy Rebrands with New Logo, Marketing Campaign
Best Buy's new logo. (Photo courtesy of Best Buy).

Best Buy Rebrands with New Logo, Marketing Campaign

The new ads highlight the company’s blue-shirt employees and commitment to customer service, and the logo change is based on today’s digital-heavy market.

Electronics retailer Best Buy unveiled on Wednesday an updated logo and launched a new marketing strategy around its Blue Shirt experts.
The strategy is based on the Richfield company’s latest motto, “Let’s talk about what’s possible,” and emphasizes how Best Buy aims to act as a friend helping customers understand their wants and needs and how technology can help them accomplish more.
“Telling the story of our people — and how we make a meaningful impact on customers’ lives — is at the heart of this work,” Best Buy chief marketing officer Whit Alexander said in a statement. “Our people are our insurmountable advantage.”
The campaign – which will include TV commercials and online videos set to debut May 13 – will emphasize the company’s focus on personalized customer service, and in keeping with Alexander’s sentiment, will do so by leaning on the staff.
As reported by Ad Age, Best Buy’s 100,000 blue-shirted employees will be the stars of the campaign. For example, in a black and white 30-second TV spot dubbed, “Talk the talk,” Best Buy employees counsel customers with their bright blue shirts featured throughout. Directed by Academy Award winner Errol Morris, the ad was made into shorter, 15-second clips, as well as a longer 60-second cut for the web.
“It's really about building more aggressively toward serving customers and helping change lives with technology,” Alexander told Ad Age. “We needed a way to tell the story a little differently through how we interact with customers.” 
Development of the campaign had been underway for about a year, with much of the work accomplished in-house. The project marks a reversal in company structure, as Best Buy has and continues to expand its internal creative team, despite consolidating the marketing department just a year ago.
The new logo is the first update of its kind in three decades, with the idea to create a more modern, digital-based look. The creative team kept Best Buy in bold, black font but removed the yellow tag backdrop, instead shrinking the tag and using it as a punctuation.
“The updated logo is true to our heritage, but it’s really cleaned up,” Alexander said. “It’s an evolution toward the future, and we’re really excited about that.”
The logo has already debuted on and digital and TV adds, with plans for it to be updated on uniforms, bags and signage soon.
Best Buy did not disclose the expense amount for the new marketing campaign and brand updates, but noted it was linked to the company’s large-scale Best Buy 2020 growth strategy.