Anderson Trucking Expanding St. Cloud Facility

The company is adding one-third more space to its current operations.

Anderson Trucking Service is in the process of adding a 20,000-square-foot expansion to its existing 60,000-square-foot facility in St. Cloud.
The company said the addition would accommodate 200 new workers. ATS currently has 1,900 employees—1,300 of which are company and contract drivers. It is the largest trucking company in Minnesota and the 37th largest for-hire carrier in North America.
Customer growth and an expansion of ATS’ services is driving the expansion. Most trucking companies offer “full truckload” transportation services. But ATS has pushed into international and maritime services, as well as logistics, which will consume much of the new space.
State numbers show that jobs are being added in the transportation and utilities category. Anderson believes that the driving growth comes from rising demand for goods and advancements of technology.
“As one of the primary means to move goods across the country, the demand for trucking, transportation and logistics services generally follow suit as demand for goods rises,” Anderson says.
Anderson notes that the job growth is this sector is no surprise. There is a demand for transportation but also an increased interest in logistics as a career choice amongst the generation of young college graduates.
“They get to work in teams of highly collaborative environments that are fun, fast paced, and involve use of new technologies- all characteristics that really mesh well with the career desires and needs of young professionals,” Anderson says.
In addition to the current ATS expansion, the company is pursing the idea of opening a Twin Cities office for the Logistics division.
“We are limited only by our ability to staff to accommodate growth,” Anderson says. “We need to be located where the talent is.”

In 2012, TCB named Anderson Trucking a Minnesota Family Business Award winner.