Actress Busy Philipps, Red Baron Pizza Team Up to Help Families Get Groceries
Busy Philipps at a media event in New York, to announce Red Baron pizza partnership. ( Photo by : Amy Sussman/AP Images for Red Baron)

Actress Busy Philipps, Red Baron Pizza Team Up to Help Families Get Groceries

Amid the chaos of early summer break, Bloomington-based frozen pizza brand and the Dawson’s Creek and Vice Principals actress are providing $25 for groceries on to 5,000 parents nationwide.

For a new charitable endeavor, Red Baron pizza has gotten Busy – that is, actress Busy Philipps. The Hollywood celeb is partnering with Red Baron to provide free groceries and delivery for 5,000 parents.
The campaign invites parents to submit “parenting war stories” – for example, broccoli battles or saving a toy from a garbage disposal – on Facebook. Once vetted, as in determined not to be a bot or scammer, a parent will receive a $25 credit for groceries on
“Red Baron pizza is a meal the entire family can agree on. This summer, we'll provide parents with a solution beyond mealtime. We're offering free groceries and delivery as another way to help them manage chaos and enjoy the break with their families even more,” said Sara Brohl, director of pizza marketing at Schwan's, the Marshall-based owner of the Red Baron brand, in prepared remarks.
The campaign was launched this Tuesday in particular because that marked the 13th day of summer vacation, and a survey conducted by Wakefield Research found that many moms say 13 days into the break is when they begin to get behind on chores like grocery shopping and meal preparation.
The survey – commissioned by Bloomington-based Red Baron, which is one of a few frozen pizza brands and other food entities owned by Schwan’s Company – also found that of the 1,000 respondents, summer is generally the least relaxing time of the year to more than 2 in 5 mothers of children between the ages of 3 and 17.
A mom herself, Philipps – who’s appeared in Dawson’s Creek, Freaks and Geeks, Cougar Town, Vice Principals, and a variety of other shows and films, including the recent Amy Schumer film I Feel Pretty – says she understands this sentiment.
“The summer gets crazy with the girls out of school, and one thing that keeps me sane is having my groceries delivered,” said Philipps, in a statement.
In addition to her relatability and strong social media following, noted a Red Baron spokesperson, Philipp’s own love of the pizza brand is why the company asked her to join the campaign in the first place.
Philipps has reached out to her 1 million Instagram and 313,000 Twitter followers about the Red Baron offering, which also includes free grocery delivery through a selection that adds $5 worth of Red Baron pizza to their cart as the user continues shopping.
As of around 5 p.m. on Tuesday, 500 people had submitted their stories and been approved for the benefits. The campaign will continue until 5,000 parents have applied and received the $25 offer.