A Food Truck for Your Hair

Jon Charles Salon is taking the mobile services trend to hair-raising heights.
A Food Truck for Your Hair

There are few local consumer trends hotter than blow-dry bars and food trucks. One brings creative fare to the places eaters gather, the other gives locals impossibly voluminous, glossy tresses. Now, they are coming together.

Jon Charles Salon launched its HairStream last December and says it offers all the capabilities of a bricks-and-mortar blow-dry bar; it just brings the stylist to the customer.

It starts with at least three people booking and paying in advance. On the designated day, HairStream’s 19-foot Bambi Airstream will arrive with two stylists and all the necessary equipment for a blow-dry and style; the customer can ge a shampoo or show up with damp hair.

Pricing is a flat group rate which Charles says averages $35 per person. Hair Stream caters to events such as proms and bachelorette parties, with the tagline “Blowout before you go out.”

At the end of May, HairStream had $18,000 in revenue, with predictions of $72,000 by year’s end. Owner Jon Charles also notes that he has done no advertising for HairStream and books everything through a cell phone and iPad.

“Blow-dries are the hottest thing right now,” Charles says. “The thought is that you should be able to go through a carnival ride and come out still looking good.”

In case you’re wondering, HairStream does offer refunds when weather-related incidents quickly destroy its handiwork.

Charles is also planning a walk-up truck in downtown Minneapolis. “Women have always wanted blow-dries,” he says. “I don’t see this trend going away.