2022 Meetings & Events Resource Guide
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2022 Meetings & Events Resource Guide

Our annual resource guide connects businesspeople to event professionals who deliver a wide range of event experiences.

What’s the vaccination protocol for guests? How will employees be kept safe and healthy? For event industry professionals, these questions have become as commonplace as whether to have an open bar. We may not be gathering as often as pre-pandemic times, but event pros are busier than ever—organizing, innovating, and always planning for contingencies.  

“The event industry, like all industries, is constantly changing, and professionals are always looking for the latest trends and cutting-edge technology,” says Nick Peter, Orchestra Hall’s event and facility sales manager. “Trends will now continue to include health and safety.”

Particularly in pandemic times, when a new variant can flare up unexpectedly, industry experts suggest having options. That means putting together multiple scenarios: virtual, hybrid, or in-person as well as a backup plan for each format.

Left: Rocket Science Events Right: Can Can Wonderland
Left: Rocket Science Events
Right: Can Can Wonderland

“We strive for our events to be inclusive, and the pandemic has added an additional layer of barriers,” says Sarah Cash-Darvell, events director for Augsburg University. “Instead of planning one event, planners are now planning one event in four different ways so all attendees can enjoy the experience at their comfort level.”

On top of that, clear and consistent communication between planners and guests is key, Peter says.

“As event professionals, we need to continue exercising a duty of care during our events and for our attendees—that will not change,” Peter adds. “We will continue to manage all risks related to an event including health, safety, weather, or other elements outside of our control. The Covid pandemic has heightened our awareness of this and made it more top of mind. Clients and guests will continue to rely on event professionals to provide a safe and fun environment.”

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