Wild Tickets Sold Earlier, Dynamic Pricing Follows

The Minnesota Wild will begin selling single-game tickets on August 20, sooner than its standard September sale date; remaining tickets will be subject to dynamic pricing beginning on October 1.

The Minnesota Wild on Friday announced that single-game tickets go on sale on August 20 at 9 a.m. at the Xcel Energy Center box office. Tickets go on sale at noon at Wild.com, Ticketmaster locations, and call centers.

This marks the first time the team has sold single-game tickets in August, and it will be the first time fans can purchase tickets at the Minnesota State Fair at the Wild's booth in “Fan Central.”

Single-game tickets will be sold at a fixed price from August 20 through September 30. Tickets will range from $28 to $98-the same as last season.

Beginning October 1, all remaining seats will be sold using a system called “dynamic pricing,” which is also known as demand-based pricing. It adjusts the price of individual tickets based entirely on demand, and it's the team's first use of the system. Dynamic pricing has been compared to the way airlines sell tickets-when customers are typically rewarded with lower prices or less risk when purchasing tickets earlier.

According to the Wild, the factors that will affect ticket prices under dynamic pricing include rivalries, the day of the week on which the game is held, and marquee teams or superstars. For example, prices will rise when all-stars Sidney Crosby, Alexander Ovechkin, or Steven Stamkos come to town.

“This system will reward fans who purchase their tickets early for the high-demand dates and opponents,” John Maher, the Wild's vice president of brand marketing, said in a statement.

Dynamic pricing does not apply to season tickets or 10- and 20-game ticket packages. And it is possible for tickets to games with less demand to be sold for less than standard, single-game pricing.

Major League Baseball's San Francisco Giants were the first to use dynamic pricing in 2009. Since then, many teams have implemented the system, including the Minnesota Twins and the Minnesota Timberwolves.

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