What’s On My Desk: Fred Haberman, Agency CEO and Serial Entrepreneur
Fred Haberman's desk at Haberman agency in the Warehouse District overlooks the Blue Line

What’s On My Desk: Fred Haberman, Agency CEO and Serial Entrepreneur

Guitar picks, hockey pucks and other mementos on the desk of the founder of Haberman and Freak Flag Organics.

Fred Haberman is a man of boundless energy and endless inspiration. The co-founder and CEO of Haberman, a Minneapolis-based branding, advertising and pr agency, Haberman is currently focusing on his latest venture: the condiment line Freak Flag Organics. He’s always on the go—even commuting to work by bike. And while he may not spend much time actually sitting at his desk, Haberman says a lot of work gets done somewhere between the desk, the whiteboard and a table that’s in between. “Big ideas can pop up anywhere,” Haberman says. Here are the objects Haberman surrounds himself with at work.

Bancroft Arnesen Memorabilia: Ann and Liv skied across Antarctica, and along the way, our agency helped the expedition.

Jar of Freak Flag Sauce: Here’s my latest obsession—Freak Flag Organics, a new brand of organic sauces meant to inspire creativity in the kitchen. One of my favorite combos is super simple—grilled brats with Smoky Red Mustard.

Fresh Produce from The Dude Ranch: I believe in learning by doing, and what better way to know where your food is coming from than growing it yourself. Our organic garden celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2019. That’s a decade of hands-on learning (and delicious veggies) for employees.

Super Grover Mug: Super Grover is my spirit animal. I grew up on Sesame Street and love Frank Oz for his creative vision and humor. From the time Sarah and I started Haberman 25 years ago, this mug has been on my desk.

Guitar Picks: What a long, strange trip it’s been. My favorite band is the Grateful Dead, and their music inspired and continues to inspire my guitar playing.

Photo of the fam. These guys are my world—Sarah (co-founder of the Haberman agency), Celeste and Clayton. And don’t forget our amazing dog Buddy.

U.S. Pond Hockey puck: Sports Illustrated called it “perfect in every detail” which I’ve always loved. I launched the U.S. Pond Hockey Championships in 2006 and have played on a team every year. But we’ve never won the Golden Shovel. Next year,  perhaps?

Learn more about Fred Hamberman, from branding inspiration to becoming a serial entrepreneur, listen to Episode 26 of our podcast, By All Means.  

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