What’s On My Desk: Eric Perkins, KARE 11 Sports Anchor and Director
The desk of KARE 11's Eric Perkins.

What’s On My Desk: Eric Perkins, KARE 11 Sports Anchor and Director

The bobbleheads and pocket squares were expected, but it’s what’s under Perk’s desk that really has us worried.

You’ve seen Eric Perkins run obstacles in the mud, play baseball with the pros and live report his first-person experiences ski jumping, bullfighting and driving in a demolition derby. That’s all in addition to anchoring the KARE 11 sports desk every weeknight, and serving as the station’s sports director.

What you probably haven’t seen is his newsroom desk. From Metrodome memorabilia to bobbleheads, let’s just say it lives up to this anchor’s best-known title (and social media handle and name of his Emmy award-winning series): Perk at Play.

The real mystery? It’s what lives under Perk’s desk.

On his desk:

My Osmo.  A handheld Steadicam that I use for Instagram stories and Facebook Lives.  I have to be omnipresent on multiple platforms these days.

Sentimental smatterings.  Including pics of my wife and kids, and a placard that reads “KARE 11 Big Wigs,” a sign I made for whenever I pretended to go inside my boss’s office and get reprimanded by my superiors for something that went wrong in my Perk at Play segments from back in the day.

Receipts.  I travel a lot in this job, and I am constantly doing my best to keep current with my expense reports, which often times provides flashbacks of stressful math homework.

Bobbleheads.  I’ve accumulated some pretty good sports souvenirs over the years, including plenty of bobbleheads of our local sports stars.

Domevision sign.  When the Metrodome was literally being torn down, I managed to salvage this sign that was on the door of the in-house video department.  If they read this and want it back for some odd reason, I will happily oblige.

Pocket squares.  Can never have too many.  Male anchors can only accessorize so much.  This is a great way to add a fun fashion flare.

But seriously. What is under your desk? Under my desk is where the magic really happens.  I’m not entirely at liberty to say what is in the multiple boxes that reside under my desk, but suffice to say it is a treasure trove of splendor.  Several years ago, I had amassed so much stuff under my desk, we actually had an online live stream called “Perk’s Purge” in which I auctioned off all the goodies with all proceeds going to the Children’s Cancer Research Fund.  It may be time to revisit that.

Private office or open work area? The sports office includes five amazing co- workers.  We are located in the back corner of the newsroom behind a large glass partition.  I joke to tour groups that we’re sort of like the orangutans you see when you go to the zoo.

View from your desk? The back of Dave Schwartz’s head and four incredibly distracting monitors that almost always are broadcasting various sporting events.

How much work do you do at your desk?  I am in the field a good deal, but do use my workspace and computer a lot as well.  I type most of my own scripts, but can also view and log video clips and edit on my computer as well.

Can you work at a messy desk?  Television is chaotic by nature.  I thrive in a mess.  After all, my annual charity event is called Perk’s MessFest.