What’s Cool About Target Field

(It's not just those early spring days and fall evenings.)

Up Close and Personal

This is a snug ballpark in a snug space. Target Field will feature one of the closest “seating bowls” to the playing field in all of Major League Baseball, with approximately 18,500 infield seats. Those seats will be wider and have more legroom than those at the Metrodome. And none of their sightlines will be obstructed by poles.

Target Field Seat

Grand Central Station

The Hiawatha light rail line and the Northstar heavy rail line both terminate at Target Field. Other proposed light rail lines, including the Central Corridor, Southwest, and Bottineau, could also end their journeys at the ballpark.

Minneapolis Light Rail Train

What Lies Beneath (and On Top)

Approximately 110,000 square feet of turf (2.5 acres) was harvested for the Target Field playing field. However delighted local fans will be to see real, live grass, what’s underneath may be more interesting. Just below the grass is a 10-inch layer made up of 93 percent sand and 7 percent peat, providing a solid base for the field. No topsoil was used for the field installation. The heating system under the playing field consists of 40 miles of hoses—heating fluid runs through them. That April snow shouldn’t stick.

Target Field Lawn Mower

No Waiting for the Ladies

The women’s restrooms will comprise 401 fixtures, compared to 256 at the Dome. (Dudes get 266, by the way—74 more than at the Metrodome.)

Womens' Restroom sign

The Big Score

The main scoreboard at Target Field is 57 feet tall and 101 feet wide, making it the fourth-largest in the majors. It has the capability of showing high-definition video in more than 4 trillion shades of color.

Target Field Scoreboard

A Local Look

The park’s warm exterior comes from close to home. It’s Minnesota-harvested limestone. The façade features more than 100,000 square feet of limestone, formed approximately 450 million years ago and quarried by the Vetter Stone Company in Kasota, near Mankato. The Twins also plan to plant (where possible) native trees and flowers around the park.

Minnesota-harvested limestone adorns Target Field

The Big Picture

The ballpark’s 360-degree open main concourse will give fans an uninterrupted view of the playing field. Both the main and upper-level concourses are nearly twice as wide as those found in the Metrodome. Before the game, season-ticket holders can chill in the Metropolitan Club, featuring a buffet, a full-service bar, and towering floor-to-ceiling windows on three sides with panoramic views of the field and city skyline.

A panoramic view of downtown Minneapolis at Target Field

Bon Appétit? You Betcha

Chef Pastor Jimenez, longtime executive chef of the culinarily beloved Miller Park (the Milwaukee Brewers’ ballpark), wears the top toque at Target Field. He oversees several concession areas with Minnesota themes that promise a rich variety of fine baseball dining. Offerings from the various themed stands will include walleye, sausages, empanadas, Minnesota-made craft beers, and the Murray’s Restaurant steak sandwich at the Mill City Grill.

Mill City Grill at Target Field in downtown Minneapolis