UnitedHealth Group Donates to Help Communities Rebuild

UnitedHealth Group Donates to Help Communities Rebuild

In the aftermath of the death of George Floyd, the Minnetonka health insurer has pledged funds and volunteer hours to the Twin Cities.

Responding to the death of George Floyd and subsequent unrest, UnitedHealth Group on Monday committed more than $10 million and 25,000 volunteer hours to help Twin Cities businesses.

“George Floyd’s death is an unspeakable tragedy. Communities all across America are struggling to make sense of what’s happened and how we as a society pull together to move forward, heal, learn and grow,” said David Wichmann, chief executive officer of UnitedHealth Group, in a news release.

The company is encouraging employees to find volunteer opportunities that are meaningful to them, said spokesman Eric Hausman, noting that they’ll be given paid time off for those efforts.

The Minnetonka-based health insurer has dedicated $5 million to help Twin Cities businesses that were damaged or destroyed over the last several days become operational again. Specifics on where those funds will go and how they will be distributed is still being established, according to Hausman.

Additionally, the company will establish a trust fund dedicated to undergraduate or equivalent education for Floyd’s children through its Diverse Scholars Initiative.

Another $5 million is being given to the YMCA Equity Innovation Center of Excellence, in UnitedHealth’s efforts to address larger societal issues.

“We all have a lot of work ahead of us to address long-standing inequities, and it’s going to take individuals, governments and private enterprises like UnitedHealth Group to achieve our goals of a more inclusive society,” Glen Gunderson, president and chief executive officer of YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities, said in the release.