Twin Cities Among Least Stressful Places to Live

According to a new study by and bizjournals, the level of stress in the metro area-as determined by 10 indicators-is low in comparison to other metro areas across the country.

Minneapolis-St. Paul is one of the least-stressful areas in which to live.

The Twin Cities ranked 48th out of 50 major metro areas studied by and bizjournals, making it the third least-stressful metro area in the United States. Salt Lake City was the least stressful area in which to live, and Detroit was the most stressful.

Rounding out the five most stressful places to live are Los Angeles, Cleveland, California's Riverside metro, and St. Louis. The most stressful area behind Salt Lake City is Virginia Beach-Norfolk, Virginia; after Minneapolis-St. Paul are Raleigh, North Carolina, and Austin, Texas.

Using the latest government data and information from private firms, the rankings were based on 10 factors that “have a direct impact to stress,” according to, income growth, poverty, deaths from circulatory-system diseases, sunshine, unhealthy air, robberies, murders, commutes, and housing costs.

A Gallup Poll from June showed that 40 percent of American workers experience stress on a daily basis; that number climbs to 50 percent among the unemployed.

According to the American Psychological Association, 48 percent of U.S. adults believe that the stress in their lives has escalated during the past half-decade. The leading causes of stress, mentioned by three-quarters of Americans, are money and work.

-Liala Helal