Transforming a Cozy Apartment Into an Inspired Workspace
Judith Marilyn’s desk at home.

Transforming a Cozy Apartment Into an Inspired Workspace

Art director Judith Marilyn’s dream desk is a sanity savior while living/working in a 700-square-foot space.

Shortly after being sent to work from home, Target senior art director Judith Marilyn went through a “mild Covid crisis” and considered “selling everything” to make her “cozy” 700-square-foot apartment into a studio/workspace.

“Luckily I took some time to reconsider, had some feedback from friends and family, and realized that definitely wasn’t a great idea for my mental health,” says Marilyn. In addition to her full time position on Target’s home digital team, she also finds time for freelance art direction, graphic design and photography projects—now all happening at home. “I shifted into creating a space that was still cozy and relaxed but also a place that I could sit down and focus.”

She enlisted a friend to build a custom desk with an emphasis on creating more surface space and storage. “That was a game changer for me.”

Environment = Mood

Composed Trays by Dims

“My productivity and mood are directly affected by my environment,” Marilyn says. “When I was working in the studio or in the office, my desk was organized, clean and styled thoughtfully. Moving to living and working in the same small space, that quickly shifted to not always being the case.

“I can tell what kind of day I’m going to have based on the state of my apartment—if I have clutter and mess all over the place, I have found that I’m not nearly as focused and honestly, I get pretty anxious and crabby. With that learning I’ve been working on making sure at the end of each day I take the time to shut down my work computer, clean and organize my desk area (and apartment as a whole) for a fresh start in the morning. I have found these small routines to be key to living and working in the same space day in and day out.”

Items to enhance focus and organization

Lamp by Gantri

Lamp. “I love having a dim, adjusting lamp to have a nice, warm glow of light.” By Gantri

Candle. My go to candle for the last year or so has been the Blood Moon Candles from Golden Age Design

Trays. To keep small items like glasses in their place. From Composed Trays set by Dims

Greens. Tip: get dried greens or florals they last for a very, very long time. Mine are a mix of old props from photo shoots, but I also love Apricot Floral

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