The Travelocity of Donating

A new service called Good Donor is making things easier for charities and donors.

“It’s the Travelocity of donating,” says Duane Crandall, founder of the new service Good Donor (

How it works for users? They register with the site and do zip-code-based searches for upcoming donation pickups (clothing, househould items) coming to their neighborhoods, or they can schedule pickups. How it works for charities? Rather than spending a typical $4 to $5 in outreach to secure each donation they get, Crandall says, they pay Good Donor $3 per donation achieved and rely on the start-up’s e-mail and multimedia marketing.

Good Donor gets its electronic marketing software and services from Crandall’s other company, the for-profit Knowledge Marketing based in Plymouth, for which he was a Midwest finalist for this year’s Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year awards. With five major charitable groups signed up in the Twin Cities and more in other states, Crandall is rolling Good Donor out nationally.