TCF Rings Opening Bell at Nasdaq
TCF president and CEO Craig Dahl (center, at podium) was joined by the bank's new board members. ( Photography by Libby Greene/Nasdaq, Inc.)

TCF Rings Opening Bell at Nasdaq

The ceremony follows TCF’s merger with Detroit-based Chemical Financial Corp.

TCF president and CEO Craig Dahl on Monday rang the opening bell at the Nasdaq headquarters in Times Square.

Flanked by TCF’s newly formed board, Dahl pushed a button to ring the bell as confetti rained down.

Publicly traded businesses often ring Nasdaq’s opening or closing bell to mark a milestone or make an announcement. For instance, Viacom Inc. on Friday rang the closing bell ahead of MTV’s Video Music Awards, which will take place Monday night.

The events are “choreographed by a professional event planner,” according to Nasdaq’s website. For TCF, the ceremony marked the closure of its merger with Detroit-based Chemical Financial Corp. (The combined bank has already been trading on Nasdaq since the close of its merger on Aug. 1.)

Before the merger, TCF was traded on the New York Stock Exchange, while Chemical Bank was traded on Nasdaq. TCF officials say the merger wrapped up sooner than expected.

TCF’s new board features a few familiar faces, including University of St. Thomas president Julie Sullivan. Vance Opperman, who formerly served as lead director at pre-merger TCF, is also continuing on as lead independent director of TCF’s new board. (A regular columnist for Twin Cities Business, Opperman is owner and CEO of MSP Communications, TCB’s parent company.)

Chemical’s former president and CEO David Provost is serving as the new TCF’s executive vice chairman, while Gary Torgow has become executive chairman. Torgow previously was Chemical’s chairman.

The newly merged TCF is reported to have more than $47 billion in assets. It’ll also be the 27th largest bank in the U.S.

TCF is slated to maintain its Minnesota offices, though it’s now officially headquartered in Detroit. The new bank has retained naming rights of the Cobo Center in downtown Detroit. On Tuesday, TCF is slated to unveil a new name for the convention center.