TCB Wins 13 State Awards for Publishing Excellence

The magazine took home five gold awards at the Minnesota Magazine & Publishing Association's annual awards event on Thursday.

Twin Cities Business (TCB) won 13 awards-including five gold awards-at the Minnesota Magazine & Publishing Association's 14th annual Minnesota Publishing Excellence Awards event Thursday night.

The gold awards given to the magazine were:

  • Best Feature Article (business/trade-circulation over 30,000): “The Coolest Ballpark in America” (March 2010). TCB also took home the silver in this category for the October 2009 article, “Susan Marvin Sees Through the Recession.
  • Best Single Cover (business/trade-circulation over 30,000): May 2010 (featuring story, “How U.S. Bank Saved Its Own Bacon”). TCB also won the bronze in this category for a June 2010 cover that featured the story, Millennials are Rocking the Workplace.”
  • Best Use of Visuals/Photography (business/trade-circulation over 30,000): “The Anti-Control Freaks” (December 2009)
  • Best Directory: 2010 Business Information Guide (“B.I.G. Book”)
  • Best Blog (circulation under 60,000): “Company Time” (written by Whatsername, an anonymous blogger from one of Minnesota's biggest businesses). TCB also won the silver in this category for BTW, a blog written by Senior Editor Gene Rebeck.

TCB won three silver awards and five bronze awards.

The Minnesota Magazine & Publishing Association's highest honor-the Magazine of the Year Award-was given to Minnesota Monthly. Every award that each magazine has won since the first annual competition in 1996 helped its chances of winning: Every gold award netted three points, each silver netted two, and each bronze netted one. The idea behind the award is to recognize publications that consistently produce high-quality, award-winning work.

TCB was a finalist for the Magazine of the Year Award along with Exhibitor Magazine, Experience Life Magazine, and Lake Superior Magazine.

For overall excellence, Exhibitor Magazine took the gold among business/trade publications that have circulation that exceeds 30,000-and TCB took the silver. Winners of the gold award in other categories include Minnesota Monthly (general interest), Minnesota Business Magazine (association), Minnesota Conservation Volunteer Magazine (special interest-circulation over 60,000), and Northern Gardener (special interest-circulation under 60,000).

Approximately 100 companies are members of the Minnesota Magazine & Publishing Association-many of which produce multiple publications. Hundreds of entries were submitted for the 2010 awards event, which took place at the Nicollet Island Pavilion in Minneapolis.