Sun Country Ending Service To Chicago

Flights to city will end on September 28.

Your options for flying to Chicago will soon include one fewer carrier. Sun Country will end service to Chicago Midway on September 28.
Fierce competition from the likes of Delta, American, United, Southwest and Spirit—along with a limited fleet of airplanes—prompted Sun Country to reevaluate it and reconfigure its options. The airline is adding an additional flight to Washington National and year-round service to warm-weather spots in Florida, Puerto Rico and Mexico.
“When you have scarce resources, sometimes you have to make trade-offs to satisfy the market,” Sun Country’s executive vice president of business development, Larry Chestler, told the Star Tribune.
It’s another dip in the company’s rollercoaster ride as it tries to stay profitable. In November 2014, TCB detailed the company’s history and how it has survived recessions, 9/11 and industry consolidation.