StoneArch Creative Lets People Tweet for Charity

The Minneapolis-based marketing company has donated a total of $5,000 to the five charities that have generated the most tweets over the past five days.

StoneArch Creative, a Minneapolis-based health and medical marketing agency, has given away $5,000 within five days to the charitable causes that generated the most tweets through social media site Twitter.

Each day between December 13 and December 17,Tweeters were asked to vote for a cause or a non-profit by posting public messages on the site that included the tag, #mytweetwish. At the end of each day, StoneArch counted the posts and announced the winner.

Each year, StoneArch provides services free of charge to a select group of non-profit associations and agencies. Executive Creative Director Jessica Boden said the company decided to leverage its process of charitable giving this year so that the community could help decide which charities receive donations.

Boden said the campaign garnered an increasing number of participants and votes each day, with StoneArch tallying about 4,000 tweets on Thursday. The company donated $1,000 each day to the charity that got the most votes.

The last winner hadn't been announced as of Friday afternoon, but the other winners were:

¥ Monday (December 13) – Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance, Minneapolis /> ¥ Tuesday (December 14) – Ann Bancroft Foundation, Minneapolis /> ¥ Wednesday (December 15) – Homeward Bound Dog Rescue, various locations throughout Minnesota /> ¥ Thursday (December 16) – Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center, Finland

Founded in 1984, StoneArch Creative has created several award-winning campaigns for medical and health companies, which make up 95 percent of its clientele.