State Grant To Provide Wellness Training For Essentia Employees

The training is meant to reduce stress and improve patient care.

Essentia Health’s over 4,000 employees will receive “wellness and resiliency” training through a grant by the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development.
DEED is providing $145,320 to the University of Minnesota Duluth to develop trainings for the Duluth-based nonprofit health system that will promote self-awareness, mindfulness, purpose and meaning, self-care and relationships. The program will be delivered in-person and online.
The trainings are meant to help reduce stress for health employees, who work long hours that can be physically and mentally draining. DEED says research finds that reducing stress for health care employees can result in better quality of patient care.
In addition to benefiting Essentia Health, UMD will be able to rebrand the trainings to offer to other businesses, including those outside of health care.